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Sunday 19 Feb, 2017. Tim: 23.12

Cock a doodle do - Happy New Year to you!

There seem to be strong forces in play at the moment…so the start of the Year of the Rooster seems rather apt. No expert, but it sounds as though if we keep our head down take care of our own families and work hard it will all be fine. Although I shall still be keeping my fingers crossed!

It is so great to have creaked our way to February isn’t it? Soon we shall have flowers and sunny mornings filled with bird song. Happily, Pembury House is open again this year for groups to see their snowdrops and hellebores, see inside.

Realistically though, February can also be our coldest month, so our history article this month celebrates the history of knitwear. By snuggling up in nice warm clothes we will navigate this last bit of winter safely, ready for the spring ahead.


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