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Articles by Sima Patel from the Wellbeing Practice

Chartered Psychologist and Coach

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April Fool – A Month for Fun and Laughter

Posted in Wellbeing, Wellbeing Practice on Apr 01, 2018

April Fools’ Day is a day to get enjoyment, fool around and have fun. Reflecting back to all the pranks that have been played over the years is in itself enough to make us laugh out loud. So how about starting just there for a warm up. Can you think of a time when someone played a great prank on you or vice versa? Does it still make you laugh out loud now?

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March – A Month to Relish in Awe

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Mar 01, 2018

March is here and the joy of spring has arrived. Everything is growing, buds are bursting into life and leaves are unfolding. Millions of migrant birds are arriving and singing and the dawn chorus wakes our souls. Butterflies are starting to be seen and mammals are beginning to wake from their winter sleep.

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February – A Month To Cherish Being Still And Feeling Calm And Content

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Feb 01, 2018

The frenzy of December is over, the attempts to follow New Year resolutions in January are over and spring is not quite here. So why not follow in the footsteps of nature through February when the silhouettes of trees stand strong and sturdy, composed with a sense of inner peace, calmness and integrity as they rest and recuperate before the onset of spring. The storms may come and go and the branches may bend backwards but the tree continues to compose itself with inner strength and calmness.

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January 2018 – Time to Make New Year Resolutions – Or Is it?

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Jan 01, 2018

Research indicates that very few people keep the New Year Resolutions they make beyond the first few weeks or months. So rather than feeling guilty about not keeping them, is there an alternative to this? Try some of the following ideas and see how 2018 pans out for you.

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Dealing with Transitions - part 2

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Nov 01, 2017

Transitions are a constant theme in our lives whether this is a change of home, work, career, travel plans, health, friends or personal and professional relationships. November sees a huge transition in nature with the rich autumn colours gently drifting away and the trees are left bare. There is less daylight and more darkness. All these transitions have an impact on our emotions and our coping abilities. Some transitions are full of joy and excitement, whilst others can feel disorientating, disruptive and painful.

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Dealing with Transitions

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Oct 01, 2017

This is a time of the year when many transitions are taking place, not least the change in light and how that impacts on how we think and feel. Transitions include change of home, starting a new school, college or university, children that had left home returning and changing jobs. On top of that some situations are imposed on us – finding out that a loved person is ill, not getting the job that was really needed, a sudden layoff from a job, unwanted and uninitiated breakups in relationships and so on.

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The Transitions of September

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Sep 01, 2017

September is a time of transitions for many people. Transitions include returning to work after a summer holiday, starting a new school, college or university, taking a gap year, not knowing what to do as Plan A did not materialise or the promotion did not come through or the job that was going to be available just is not anymore. On top of that some situations are imposed on us – sudden layoff from a job, sudden change in health, unwanted and uninitiated breakups in relationships and so on.

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The Art of Gratitude

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Aug 01, 2017

August has arrived and with it a feeling of freedom from the normal day to day activities for most people. School holidays have arrived, the stress of examinations has dissipated and there is a bit more breathing space with that feeling of summer and longer lingering days: time to watch the world go by. Many people are thankful for this summer holiday season. So what are the benefits of being thankful, in other words, showing our gratitude. Research shows that when people show their gratitude towards other people, the following effects can take place:

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Summer Sales & Impulsive Buying

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Jul 01, 2017

With Summer sales, we can be enticed into buying goods that we don’t need and even don’t necessarily want but can human beings really resist impulse buying and a bargain? Marketers and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the science of psychology and purchasing decisions. Examples include shop assistants asking if you want another item as you pay for your purchases, machine-learning algorithms that nudge you into buying things that you don’t need and sales assistants who ask if you want to try on shoes with that pretty dress / suit in the hope that you will buy both.

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The Joyful Month of June and The Benefits of Writing

Posted in Wellbeing Practice on Jun 01, 2017

Whilst you might envisage someone who is a professional writer hunched over their computer with paper all over the desk and screwed up sheets of paper in the bin, one definition of prose is simply ‘to put thought onto paper’. If we think of writing in this way, we can all attempt writing tasks.

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