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Apple Pancake Stack

Pancake Day is on March 8th and it’s nice to keep up the tradition. One problem about making pancakes for the family is that only one pancake can be made at a time and some people have to wait. This recipe solves that problem because they can be made ahead of time and assembled into a delicious ‘cake’ which everyone can eat together. When cut into slices the layers with apple and cinnamon are really delicious. You will need a heavy frying pan (or a pancake pan if you have one) and an ovenproof plate or dish.


  • Pancakes makes 8
  • 110g (4oz) plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 300ml (10 fl oz) milk
  • 3 tablespoon vegetable oil


  • 1 1/ 2 lbs cooking apples
  • 25g (1oz) sugar
  • 1/ 2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 50g (2oz) sultanas


  • 15g (1/ 2 oz) flaked almonds (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon apricot jam

Batter: Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl, make a well in the centre, add the egg then gradually stir in half the milk using a wooden spoon, drawing in the flour. When smooth, stir in the remaining milk and leave to stand for 15 minutes.

Peel, quarter and core the apples. slice them and cook over gentle heat with a tablespoon of water and the sultanas until soft. Stir in the sugar and cinnamon.

Heat the oven to Gas 4 /180C. If using the almonds put them on a baking tray and bake until golden brown (approx 10 minutes).

Make the pancakes: Heat 1 dessertspoon oil in the pan, pour in a tablespoon batter, quickly tilting the pan to coat the base evenly. Cook until the underside is golden brown then turn or toss and cook for a further 3 - 4 minutes.

Turn out onto the greased plate or dish . Spread with a spoonful of the apple mixture, then continue with layers of pancakes and apple, finishing with a pancake.

Warm the jam and coat the top then bake in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes until heated through.

Sprinkle with the browned almonds and cut into slices using a sharp pointed knife

NOTE: if you are short of time you could buy the ready-made pancakes. To make this extra special serve with single cream

Posted in Recipes on Mar 01, 2011