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Are you one of the many Brightonians who are members of the National Trust? If so, do you know that there is also a local group of NT supporters – the BHNTA – that offers a programme of social activities designed to appeal to all people who support the aims and objectives of the National Trust?

We run a series of social events each year to provide items of interest and to raise funds to assist the NT in its work. During the winter we have talks on a variety of topics – recent examples have been “Sketches of Brighton 1827” and a talk on “Faberge” by John Benjamin of Antiques Roadshow – whilst during the summer we run four or five one day coach outings to a variety of NT or other similar properties in the region. On top of all this there is also a five day coach holiday arranged in the summer each year and two lunches, a coffee morning and a Christmas tea!

Enough to interest you? Then please do contact either Elizabeth, our membership Secretary, on 01273 562404, or Carol, our Chairman on 01273 501963. And why not come to a meeting to try us out? You’ll find we are a pretty friendly bunch. Membership locally is only £10 annually – and you DON’T have to a national member to join locally.

We look forward to seeing you sometime during the year.

Posted in 7 Directory Community, Preston Pages Community, The Post Community on Feb 01, 2018