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Late Summer Outing Saturday 18th August 2018

After leaving Brighton we will travel to Speldhurst near Tonbridge to see St Mary’s Church. This is at least the 3rd church built on the same site and contains a complete set of stain glass windows designed by the famous pre-Raphaelite artists Burne Jones and William Morris. For those who have been to see St Michael’s in Brighton you would be familiar with their and other pre-Raphaelite artist’s work. We will have a conducted tour by one of the church’s members. Hopefully we will be able to get a coffee in the George and Dragon pub opposite the Church and then we will have lunch at the Wheatshief at Bough Beech near Hever Castle. The pub dates back to Tudor times but was updated in the Georgian period.

After lunch we will visit the magnificent Hever Castle which was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the 2nd wife of Henry VIII and was finally given by him to Ann of Cleaves as part of the divorce settlement. It has a wonderful setting with a moat surrounding the castle. You will then be able then to see the splendid Italianate gardens which include a maze and other interesting features.

To book phone: MARTIN FOSTER 01273 729998 by no later than Friday 10th August. Costs include Coach, Entrance fees and Guided tour of the Church. £43, Senior Cits £42

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